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What about rain?

Updated: Apr 25

Will it rain on Sunday??

Wolff's Weather Watchers

Wolff's is an all outdoor flea market. Chicago weather forecasts may change close to opening time or even after we have opened. Hey, it's Chicago....

We try our best to post timely weather updates on facebook (conditions may change by the time you arrive at the market, especially if you come from afar). Please follow along as we are pretty consistent and informative with our updates.

Rarely do we cancel in advance. We get it, waiting and wondering is not fun - actually it's quite disappointing and stressful. Sunday rain outcomes are ultimately left to the skies and a lot of wishful thinking!

Wolff's Weather Walkers

Sunny skies bring over 700 sellers. Inclement weather predictions naturally diminish this number as not all sellers are equipped to set up on these types of days. We understand and expect this to happen. Vendors who choose to attend offer amazing products and tell us they do well because customers continue to shop.

Rain may cause vendors to pack up and vacate the market at different times throughout the day. Again, we understand these choices. We do not issue rain checks. It is up to individual sellers to decide if they will set up and remain at the market. Customers, please realize our vendors wish to protect their merchandise and make decisions that work for them.

Several times rain swerved away before reaching us and the day turned out dry and sunny. We watch the radar, and if seems like rain will be short-lived, vendors can cover their merchandise with tents, plastic or tarps and wait it out. If it rains later in the day or doesn't look like it will stop, that could sometimes end the event.

Be prepared: We recommend vendors keep plastic coverings or tarps in their vehicles to prepare for this scenario. Canopies and tents are helpful, and must be weighed down. Read about weights HERE

Our staff has been known to run up and down the aisles announcing that rain will be "coming in 15 minutes and lasting for 30 minutes". Customers may return to their vehicles to wait out the rain. Please obtain a hand stamp for re-entry.

Wishing for sunny Sundays!

Yes, we once had a snow day

Tarps on Merchandise

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