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What is your rain policy?

Rosemont is an all outdoor flea market. Chicago weather can be unpredictable. Sunny days bring 600-700 sellers, but inclement days may naturally diminish this number. Repeated rain may cause vendors to leave or cover up throughout the day. We do not issue rain checks to sellers. We try our best to post timely updates on facebook, but things may have changed by the time you arrive at the market.

Several scenarios are possible. We watch the radar, and if seems like it will be short-lived and will pass over, vendors cover their merchandise with plastic or tarps and wait in their vehicles until it stops. Some vendors also have their own tents. If it rains at 6am, we may delay opening until it stops. If it rains later in the day or doesn't look like it will stop, that could sometimes end the event. Rarely have we completely cancelled the flea market.

Our staff has been known to run up and down the aisles shouting to the vendors that rain will be coming in 15 minutes and lasting for 30 minutes. Customers try to wait it out in the lobby of the building, and believe us when we say how quickly they vacate as soon as the rain stops, so they can resume shopping !

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