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How does weather affect the flea market?

Updated: Jul 6

We extend an ongoing thank you to resilient vendors and customers who venture out on ChicagoWeather Sundays. Cold, heat and rain forecasts present challenges to outdoor businesses.

Valuable and fragile merchandise can be damaged by rain, even with the best of measures to cover up.

On these days, we make every attempt to update our facebook page with timely weather conditions and vendor count. However, there is no guarantee by the time a customer arrives at the market that weather conditions will not have changed. Some vendors may have understandably chosen to pack up and leave. We respect these decisions.

Our vendor count will naturally be at its highest on sunny days (700+), but realize that weather conditions potentially shave off these numbers.

With this in mind, vendors who choose to tough it out tell us they have higher sales volume as adaptable customers continue to shop on poor weather days.

There is always something to be found at the flea!

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