OPEN FOR VENDORS 2am, but you don't need to come this early . If you arrive by 5am-5:30am, you will be fine! Just figure out how long you need to set up and arrive accordingly.

WHERE TO GO Drive to west side of building (Lunt side). Stay in your car and follow the line. Pay fee and receive your Seller Permit. Staff will assign a space - first come first served. They will direct you to spot from there. You will park in your seller space.

DAILY SPACES: No reservations required. Spaces assigned on a first come-first served basis. Nice weather brings out more early vendors, so plan to arrive earlier on those days.

FEE: Regular Spaces $45, Corner Spaces $55

CUSTOMERS: $2 adults, $1 seniors and children 6-12, under 6 free

SPACE SIZE:  25’ X 18’ (25’ front/3 parking spaces). Park your vehicle across the back of space. If you come with 2 vehicles, 1 will park in space and the other will unload from aisle and then park in lot (no extra fee). Please inform staff when you arrive, and plan to drive in together. Oversized vehicles may require a second spot or need to unhitch trailers.

TABLES: $7/day per 6’ table. (Or bring your own). Pay for table rental at entrance and we will deliver it to your space. Occasionally we may run out of tables on a busy day. Please bring your own chairs and sanitizing supplies. Tables will be sanitized after vendor use.

YEARLY RESERVATION: $150 - Yearly reservations hold a specific space for regular sellers until 6:15am*. Reserved vendors also pay the daily rental fee.

     *Reserved spaces held until 6:15am, at which time they will be assigned to a non-reserved vendor. There may be a waiting list for new reserved spaces.


We do not offer one day or month to month reservations.

DAILY/NON-RESERVED VENDORS: Plenty of spaces are available on a first come first serve basis for daily (non-reserved) vendors. Oversized vehicles may require a second space. We can accommodate over 700 vendors. The nicer the weather, the busier we will be, so plan to come earlier to set up your space on those days.


CANOPIES: If using a canopy, you must weigh each front corner with at least 40 pounds of weight. Back supports may be secured to your vehicle, but not to merchandise or your table. Weights may be rented for $2 a piece.  READ MORE ABOUT WEIGHTS HERE