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Are canopies allowed?

Canopies are effective for protecting you and your merchandise from the sun or a sprinkle. However be prepared for wind.* 

You are required to attach 40 pounds of weight per corner-held down with rope, straps or bungies.

Connecting the canopy to a table or merchandise is not acceptable. Securing the rear 2 legs to your vehicle is acceptable but you must still weigh down the front 2 legs with 40 pound weights each.

When taking down your tent, first remove tarp/top or partially lower legs so as not to catch the wind. We recommend that you not take it down alone. Ask neighbors or an available employee to help.

You may bring your own weights. Or cinderblocks are available for rental for $2 each (or $3 to purchase) plus a $20 refundable deposit. At the end of the day, please return weights to trailer on southeast side of market and you will receive your deposit/license.

*Management will determine if canopies must be taken down due to certain wind conditions.

**Canopies without weights will need to be taken down if you do not bring or rent sufficient weights.


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