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What are your trash rules?

Updated: 4 days ago

Our dedicated employees are on their feet most of the day. Like many vendors, they have been up all night with little or no sleep. So please be mindful and take your extra trash with you so we do not need to walk the extra miles gathering it at the end of a long day.

Please bring your own trash bags and be thoughtful throughout the day by placing your cigarette stubs and food waste in your own trash bags.

Because of limited dumpster space, we can only accept incidental garbage. Garbage cans are for our customers to dispose of small trash, not unsold merchandise. Do not pile up unwanted merchandise into or outside the garbage cans. Do not leave unsold merchandise in your spaces. This includes: cigarette butts, packing material, unsold merchandise, plastic bags, broken items, cans, bottles, food, boxes, etc.

You can leave 1 small neatly tied bag of trash and up to 4 flattened cardboard boxes.

If you bring it in, you must take it out, just like the forest. 

We will record license plates and match space numbers to watch for garbage left in spaces at the end of the day. Those vendors may be fined or not be allowed to sell with us in the future.



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