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Repurposed thrift, MCM, grocery items, toiletries, soap, plants, flowers, antiques, holiday decor, new items, dishes, store returns, closeouts, overstock, clothing, tools, electronics, video games, jewelry, resale, books, music, movies, art, vinyl, totally weird stuff & more!

  • Budding business?
  • Small seller?
  • Cluttered closets?
  • Goofy garage?
  • Cool collection?
  • Downsizing dilemma?
  • Awesome art?
  • Your items are someone else's treasures!
  • Make money on your stuff!


Our thrifty customers would absolutely love to shop your treasures! Just pack it up & bring it to Wolff's! Flea markets have higher traffic than ordinary garage sales. No reservations required.

Sell at Wolff's Flea Market
Garage sale at Wolff's Flea Market
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