Can we eat at the market?

Updated: Mar 4

Yes to food! We welcome back the small family businesses who offer your favorites: tacos, churros, hotdogs, roasted corn, pizza, coffee, cookies, pastries, fruit cocktail and more.

These amazing food vendors have been vetted by us and licensed by the Village of Rosemont.

These rules have been approved by the Village of Rosemont and follow Illinois DCEO Outdoor Dining Guidelines.


  • Because masks must be worn, eating must be done in a socially distant manner -

  • Sorry, this means no walking around the market with your meal.

  • Eat in your car and not in the general market pedestrian area.

  • A designated staffed dining area is available in the fenced section on the west side of the building.

  • 6 people per table as Illinois outdoor dining permits. (May change)

  • Remove your mask while eating, and replace when you are done eating

  • Please throw away your trash

  • Tables will be cleaned between uses

Drinking: You will be able to sip water, but either go to your vehicle, off to the side or remove mask only briefly.

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