To our beloved flea market community,

Sadly, we have come to this. Tears, heartbreak, frustration, madness, confusion, unfairness. We did everything in our power to fix this season. We were finally noticed. We got Illinois DCEO policy changed. But it is just too late.


Thank you to those who supported us in the successful fight to convince Illinois to allow flea markets to officially open as shopping. We worked with senators, state representatives and the ABC Channel 7 I-Team (Jason Knowles) all of May, June and July to fix this. The state was very slow to respond or acknowledge us.


Unfortunately, permission wasn’t granted until Aug 5. You could call it a success, because “flea markets became official”, but as of today, Aug 24 we have still not been able to interpret and apply the new state guidelines to our own flea market. There is just not enough time left in the 2020 season to fix these issues and operate a successful market according to the DCEO guidelines as they are written and interpreted. Even if everything was quickly resolved, we wouldn’t be able to open until at least Sept 13, and October weather is unpredictable.


We will keep working to bring you a safe Wolff’s Flea Market in April 2021.


Needless to say, our hearts are broken and our losses immeasurable.


Stay safe. Be kind. We will get through this.



The Wolff Family


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