Tuesday May 22, 2020

At this time, we do not have an official

opening date for Wolff’s Flea Market 2020.

We will not be open for the month of May.

Health and safety is a priority.

We will adhere to all state and local guidelines.

Things to remember this Memorial Day 2020


Hello flea market family! Hope your health and positive outlooks persevere!


We do not yet have an opening date for Wolff’s Flea Market 2020. Keep in touch as we navigate the state’s reopening phases. Illinois seems to be heading in the right direction, and we remain hopeful for guidance and a safe reopening plan.


Memorial Day honors and remembers those who died serving our country. Traditionally, people will visit cemeteries to commemorate their loved ones.


Memorial Day is also the unofficial start of summer, which reminds us how we as a country are hurting both socially and economically. We are surely missing the camaraderie of friends and the comfort of family as graduations, weddings, picnics, barbecues, FLEA MARKETS and other special gatherings are on hold. 


Current events bring to the forefront other thoughts this Memorial Day 2020. People experiencing the significant impact to lifestyle, income and health will always remember these historical times. We are so sorry for losses to individuals, families and businesses large and small and micro like our flea market vendors. Some situations will hopefully resolve as commerce resumes. Some scenarios will remain a challenge for the near future and we hope for a successful resolution of your struggles.


Our essential and health workers are at the frontline of the Coronavirus battle and we recognize and remember their brave sacrifices and efforts that have kept our world going. As Mr. Rogers said “Look for the helpers.”


On the positive side, let’s remember the happy, peaceful and successful times before the pandemic changed our lives. Even while hurting, remember the blessings we have now. And especially remember to hold hope for the future.


We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope. -Martin Luther King Jr.


Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning. – Barbara Kingsolver

Remember, if you received our spring mailer, it was sent before recent events. Keep it, and please keep checking back for updates!


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