We are ecstatic to announce


Open Sundays 6am-3pm beginning April 18

Can you believe it's our 30th anniversary?

If you followed us over this past long, blurry year, you know the challenges that led to the cancellation of our 2020 season. Ultimately, with  perseverance and the support of many, we obtained official state approval for flea markets to operate as shopping. While we missed 2020, it is phenomenal to know that now is our rightful time to move forward and start anew in 2021!


Working under the guidance of the State of Illinois and Rosemont Health Department we created best operating practices for our flea market in the time of COVID-19. Add a bit of CDC and WHO as well. We are more than grateful for their input as they helped us move forward to open Wolff’s Flea Market - 2021.

As you navigate the website, you will see the details of our plan. Much collaboration, research and science is behind this information and we require everyone - Vendors, Shoppers and Staff to follow these rules. We will strictly enforce what is required by the DCEO, IDPH and Rosemont - masking, social distancing, cleaning procedures for starters. 


You are part of Wolff’s fantastic flea market community. We expect everyone’s consideration as visitors and vendors. Masks must be worn even if you received a COVID-19 vaccine or if you already had COVID-19. Any individual not following these rules will be kindly asked to comply. If they refuse, they will need to leave the market. 


These policies (masking, social distancing, hand washing) have been widely required in other public settings. Different personal opinions, do not pertain to this situation. Yes, we are individuals with our own beliefs and preferences, but realize that we are part of a bigger picture and will follow state and local guidelines. We must work together for the successes of the small businesses and our flea market shopping and selling community. 

We will do what it takes to operate a safe and successful Wolff’s Flea Market 2021.

Hoping ongoing statistics, research and vaccines will continue to lead Illinois in a good direction. We will update our protocol as state and local recommendations change.


The Wolff Family

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