We have safety in mind. If given permission to open, caution will play into our decision to proceed - as well as implementation of strict rules based on local and state guidelines.


Including required face coverings!


We continue to hope for a safe, workable reopening plan.  We continue to work with representatives, senators, media, state and local agencies. 

Flea Markets = Shopping

As summer progresses, we wish for you to stay healthy and safe. Hoping our Illinoisans continue to take the necessary precautions as they re-enter the community.

Meanwhile, keep each other safe, wear a mask, be kind, stop the spread.

Hope to see you at the flea!


*Yes we know other markets are open. We cannot comment on their process. For us, Rosemont fairly requires us to gain state permission to operate at their location. Illinois has deemed us a fair or festival and not shopping despite the fact that flea markets are shopping!



The Wolff Family

Call/Text 847-524-9590


When able to open we will announce via




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