NEWSLETTER   May 6, 2021



  • Masks are still required at large outdoor gatherings - like us!

  • FACT: The CDC never said you could be unmasked at large outdoor gatherings, only smaller ones. READ MORE

  • Examples of OUTDOOR settings where masks are required: Sporting events, outdoor concerts, flea markets, Navy Pier, Brookfield Zoo, Arlington Park Race Track, Great America...

  • Popular: flowers, snacks, fruits, vegetables, small home appliances, tools, vintage clothing, collectible toys

  • 2 ATMs located by the Information Desk

  • A large outdoor dining area with tables and chairs is located behind the food truck area. You can sit unmasked while eating. Please bring your food here and do not eat while in the main market section.

  • Bathroom trailer ready to go!


We continue to educate on masking. While most everyone is amazing, a small percentage are choosing to challenge us. It’s time to move on and just follow the rules for the safety and enjoyment of everyone's’ day at the flea market. It’s not about individuals. It’s about working together for each other in our flea market community.


We will continue to kindly remind you to properly mask up and even offer a free mask. However, we will need to escort you out if you choose not to abide. Sorry, that’s how it is for now. No one has to like it, but it’s what we are required to do by Illinois and Rosemont. Your opinion won’t change that. Either wear a mask over your NOSE & MOUTH while at the market or stay home.

So far: 15 people have needed to leave and miss their day at the market.

If you feel like you cannot properly wear a mask over your nose and mouth, we offer alternatives: Send in a masked person to shop/sell for you, shop/sell through our Buy Sell Trade Group or the vendor list on