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Wolff's Flea Market Wellness Information

UPDATE April 6, 2022: 

Outdoor shopping is on the way!

We look towards Wolff's Flea Market 2022 with joy and excitement!

As always we wish the best of success and health for our vendors, customers and staff.

Subject to change as we continue to follow CDC, State of Illinois and Village of Rosemont guidelines.

Click below:

CDC guidelines for Cook County, Illinois

IDPH Information

  • Talk to your healthcare provider for guidance

  • Masks optional when shopping outdoors at the market per current CDC, IDPH guidelines

  • Masks optional when inside the restroom trailer per current CDC, IDPH guidelines

  • Wear a mask indoors/outdoors even if vaccinated if it makes you feel more comfortable

  • Respect all around. We are grateful to be open soon!


We ask visitors to please be respectful to each other in their choices and actions. 

  1. Self Screen: Do not come to market if sick or experiencing symptoms of COVID .

  2. Wash your hands - hand sanitizer located around the market.

  3. Vendors & Staff will be observed for symptoms of illness.

  4. Surfaces will be frequently sanitized.

  5. Building remains closed. Porta-potties and a restroom trailer on site











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